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    1. Welcome to Guangdong saide Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
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      Saide Industry is a manufacturer of intelligent system engineering equipment. The company integrates technology research and development, scale production, marketing and technical services!

      Product Categories

      roduct Categories

      Looking for sheet metal precision chassis cabinet manufacturers!
      Choose a manufacturing plant, a partner manufacturer, a strategic supplier, are you worried about the following
      There is no guarantee for a small factory delivery.
      Poor quality awareness is not guaranteed.
      Service awareness is not guaranteed after sale.
      The accuracy of the production equipment is not guaranteed.
      The technical team is weak and the profession is not guaranteed.
      Why Choose us
      Process capability

      Process capability

      Automatic CNC punching, laser cutting, CNC bending, large automatic spray, paint line, large ...
      Management team

      Management team

      Technical backbone: 15 years of industry experience; Management backbone: 15 years of industry exp...
      Product field

      Product field

      Application: intelligent system engineering projects such as communication, transportation, electri...
      After sales response

      After sales response

      24 hours for your service, 24/7 online technical problem consultation and answer, product problem im...





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      About Us

      About Us

      Guangdong saide Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of supporting equipment for intelligent system engineering. It integrates scientific research and development, large-scale production, marketing and technical service. It is the largest manufacturer of supporting equipment for intelligent system engineering in China.  
        Subordinate branches are: Shenzhen Said Network Equipment Co., Ltd., Dongguan Said Lai Technology Co., Ltd. and Huizhou Washington Industry Co., Ltd. The company has a technical professional, high-level, high-quality technology, research and development team, actively introducing advanced design and manufacturing concepts, human engineering and product workers. Perfect combination of arts, according to the needs of different industries, different projects to provide personalized overall solutions. Products have been widely used in new energy, transportation, communications, power, finance, government, military, aviation and other fields, and won wide recognition and praise from customers.
        The company introduced professional equipment at home and abroad, and set up production workshop according to standard process, each process capability: shearing board, stamping, CNC punch, CNC bending, welding, surface spraying and other process capability is independently completed; product range: network, communication, power, server cabinet, environmental protection equipment cabinet, charging pile equipment cabinet, etc. Indoor and outdoor chassis cabinet, video surveillance TV wall cabinet, data center screen wall cabinet, surveillance operation desk, command center dispatch desk, equipment control desk, multimedia teaching platform, community surveillance pole, public security system surveillance pole, electronic police surveillance pole, traffic signal lamp pole, lighting lamp pole and other products, through the Said. The company is active and hard-working. Side products are directly involved in national hydropower projects, intelligent safe city projects, Skynet projects, banking system projects, mobile, telecommunications and communication projects, real estate and system integrators, and have established good cooperative relations with customers at home and abroad.
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